Rapid urbanization is occurring worldwide creating stresses on the health and wellbeing of urban residents. In wealthy countries such as the U.S., people spend 87% of their time inside buildings. This research focuses on how the selection of materials for the built environment and building design decisions, including the incorporation of nature impact human wellbeing and sense of belonging, as well as pro-environmental behavior. An extension of this work that we are exploring is how the digital environment within buildings also impacts belonging, pro-environmental behavior, and wellbeing. In addition to studying these impacts we are exploring new methods of bringing nature into buildings with wall panels that support plant growth as well as thermal comfort in naturally-ventilated buildings.

Hear Sarah's interview on The Future of Everything podcast with Russ Altman that aired on SiriusXM: "Buildings for People with guest Sarah Billington."

Sponsors: Catalyst for Collaborative Solutions (Stanford School of Engineering)
                   UPS Endowment Fund (Stanford University)

Students:  Belle Douglas (PhD Student, CEE)
                   Basma Altef (PhD Student, CEE)
                   Luoyi Yang (MS Student, CEE)
                   Lupe Gomez (MS Student, CEE)

Prof. James Landay (Computer Science)
Prof. Hazel Markus (Psychology)
Prof. Martin Fischer (CEE)
Prof. Nicole Ardoin (GSE, Woods)
Prof. Catherine Gorle (CEE)

John Barton (CEE)
Dr. Nicholas Camp (SPARQ, Psychology)
Dr. Pablo Paredes (School of Medicine)
Dr. Liz Murnane (CS)

Dr. Jean Costa (CS)
Dr. Kyle Douglas (CEE)